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Powerful Ai Platform for Visual Brainstorming

Jeda AI's online brainstorming tool is a collaborative whiteboard that helps you come up with solutions to complex problems.

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Online whiteboard for brainstorming

Jeda AI's online brainstorming collaboration tool helps you come up with solutions to complex problems, and works equally well for one-person sessions to larger groups.

Brainstorm alone or together

Use free-form text or sticky notes to capture ideas. Add images to bring clarity. Leverage built-in templates to spur creativity – like the Disney Creative Strategy template.

How Jeda AI online whiteboard collaboration tool facilitates brainstorming

Capture ideas in an unstructured form or leverage your favorite mind mapping techniques, like star-bursting, round-robin, and reverse brainstorming.
Jeda Ai lets you engage everyone on your team, regardless of location. By giving everyone a chance to add their ideas in real-time, you keep everyone excited and motivated and crucially minimize the risk of miscommunication.
Reuse the same board to gain a history of what you've brainstormed so far – becoming a simple knowledge management tool.

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