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Ai Workspace for Agile Project and Team

Jeda AI is a platform for Agile Products and Projects that helps you easily manage agile processes for your team

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Stimulate Solutions

Jeda AI online whiteboard empowers Agile Teams to manage the end-to-end process. Run standups, sprint plannings, and retrospectives.

Run Agile on Jeda AI

Use free-form or built-in templates, like Start/Stop/Continue, to stimulate thinking or create free-form boards. Add text, shapes, and sticky notes on an infinite canvas. Include images and render embedded documents for a richer conversation.

Real-time Agile Process

Jeda AI is a powerful online whiteboard that allows Agile Teams to work together and create documents, presentations, diagrams, and more in real time. Jeda AI can be used for various purposes such as Agile process management, brainstorming sessions, project planning meetings, product demonstrations, or others. Do not just take our word for it!

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