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Ai Workspace for Design Thinking

Jeda AI's online whiteboard collaboration tool enables design thinking

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Revolutionize Your Design Thinking Practice with Jeda Ai Workspace Canvas

Find holistic solutions

Design thinking on Jeda AI's online whiteboard helps you understand the user, challenge assumptions, and redefine problems.

Stimulate design thinking

Bring your team together for creative, high-energy sessions. Draw your own diagrams or use built-in templates, like the Empathy Map, to encourage out-of-box thinking. Add sticky notes, images, and documents.

Collaborate anytime, anywhere

Use Jeda AI's online whiteboard during live sessions to keep everyone engaged and complement with asynchronous, individual ideation to inspire collective imagination. Use each board over and over again for rapid iterations. Jeda AI's infinite canvas gives you space to go from root issue analysis all the way through testing of solutions.

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