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Create holistic design solutions

Jeda AI's online whiteboard helps UX designers explore and design the entire process of acquiring and integrating a product, including branding, design, usability and function. Gather customer feedback to identify pain points, create empathy matrices for the most pressing issues, wireframe solutions and capture visual feedback on designs.

Stimulate fresh ideas

Use Jeda AI throughout the entire process, defining the Why, What and How of product use. Leverage the free-form, infinite canvas to capture visual feedback or use our built-in templates (like “Empathy Map” and “Lean UX Canvas”) for structured collaboration – all to encourage out-of-box thinking. Add built-in wireframing objects to quickly illustrate an idea.

Collaborate anytime, anywhere

Inspire imagination with real-time sessions hosted on Jeda AI and complement with asynchronous, individual ideation. Iterate quickly by reusing the same board over and over, gaining a historical perspective of how designs have evolved and improved over time.

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