5 Ways to brainstorm better now with Dojoit

5 Ways to brainstorm better now with Dojoit, Now Jeda.AI

When we look at design thinking processes in product management, ideation through brainstorming is a crucial step. It requires creativity, stimuli, and constraints to ensure that participants can tackle problems with an out-of-the-box perspective.

In the Pre-Covid world, brainstorming was a collaborative activity, fostering community, and connection. Teams would huddle together over whiteboards, throwing new ideas, capturing associations, and synergizing as they solved large problems.

But last year, everything changed. Instead, we now spend time coordinating Zoom calls, ensuring everyone can see our screen, and switching between tools every 5 seconds to change from sticky note mode to typing.

That's why we built Jeda Ai. We wanted to make brainstorming fun again.

With our "one pen" tool, autoshape functionality, and mute feature, you can now brainstorm with your team seamlessly, transition smoothly between different modes, and present new ideas without sharing your screen.

Here are 5 ways you can brainstorm better with Jeda Ai.

Rapid Ideation

Rapid Ideation is ideal when time is a constraint. You can use Rapid Ideation on Dojoit by writing out the problem statement, setting a 45-second timer, and telling everyone to start listing their ideas individually. It fosters creativity and also streamlines the problem-solving process. Check the video below to see how a team of two uses Rapid Ideation.

Mind Mapping

Mind maps are a super-effective way to visualize a collection of ideas within a unique imagery, color, and spatial arrangement. As a result, it is easier to memorize information,  learn new associations, and solve problems iteratively.

Jeda Ai makes mind mapping seamless. The "one pen" experience at Dojoit allows the user to transition from drawing to writing without switching tools. At the same time, you don't need to share your screen as everything is in real-time.  


Brain-writing is very simple. Just open up the board, write out the problem statement and task. Let each participant answer with their ideas individually.

6-3-5 Technique

This is a great way to reduce unnecessary "noise" in your team. Choose six members who you think should have a say on your problem or product. Create a 6 x 4 table using the autoshape function and duplicate features. Set a timer for 5 minutes and tell each member to write down three solution ideas in the table beside their name. Look at the video below to see how you can easily replicate this technique on Dojoit.  


Writing out solutions to problems is a great tactic. But asking more questions is even better. Starbursting is where team members write out further questions they may have to the problem statement – creating essential criteria for a solution. Just open a Jeda Ai board, invite your team, and set up the problem statement. You can even add in a time constraint for faster ideation. Look at how we use Starbursting at Jeda Ai!

We hope you find uses for these techniques with your team!

December 18, 2022

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