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5 ways to get started in Product Management

December 18, 2022

Trying to transition into product management can be difficult and messy. Which blogs should you read, what skills do you need to learn, who do you need as a mentor , the list goes on. Sooner or later, the transition seems like trying to climb  Mt. Everest.

No need to fret. Here are 5 ways you can gain some clarity and get started on your next career move!

Get into the right mindset.

Mindset is everything. You need to believe that this journey is possible for you. You are capable for learning any new skill as long as you put in the necessary time and effort. Remind yourself that you are capable, deserving and worthy of a new, fulfilling career that aligns with your values.

Understand your why and what

Why do you want to be a Product Manager? What is motivating you? What type of environment do you want to work in ? What type of products do you like building? What are your unique strengths that you can translate into the role?

You need to have intrinsic reasons and a clear vision that motivates you even when times are tough.

Network, network, network

You don't need to go through this journey alone. Get to know other PMs, UX Designers, Sales , Engineers and Product recruiters. Learn about their journey into the product space. Not only will you be able to create your circle of support, but you also learn how cross-functional product teams work together to develop new ideas from idea to reality.

Create your own project

Ah, the old chicken-egg problem. Want to get more experience, but need more experience? No problem! Look at problems in the world that pique your interest and start ideating solutions. Or join a hackathon and build a MVP with a team. These are great ways to not only test your PM skills but to also build your product portfolio.

Being able to develop a solution, build a product vision, and work cross functionally are top PM skills that will serve you in your career. So just get started, it's only up from here!

You can find a list of upcoming hackathons and contests at DevPost.

Enjoy the journey

Transitions are never perfect. And that's okay! Embrace this journey with a whole heart. It will be chaotic at times, but with good time management, support and determination, you can come out on top!

Good Luck!