Dojoit (Now Jeda AI Whiteboard) Cornell Notes Template

Cornell Notes Template

December 18, 2022

Whether you’re preparing for a quiz or preparing for an exam, the Cornell note-taking method can make your life easier. This Cornell Notes template gives you a format for structuring information so it’s easier to study and recall later. The template works equally well if in a classroom or doing an online class.

How to use the template:

  1. All notes from the lecture go into the main Notes column.
  2. After you've completed the notes section, the Questions column is for questions about the notes that can be answered when reviewing the notes. Add keywords and comments as needed.
  3. When reviewing the notes, a brief summary should be written into the Summary section.

Using the Cornell Notes template on Dojoit becomes more powerful as you can add images to better capture ideas and questions. Dojoit also makes it easy to share your notes with classmates: just invite them to your board.

How to add the Cornell Template to your Dojoit board

You have two options:

Option 1: Select from within the board

Instructions to add a template to a Dojoit board

Option 2: Download and upload to your board

1. Download the template to your desktop/downloads folder

2. Unzip the downloaded file

3. Drag the unzipped SVG file from your desktop/downloads folder to the board

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