Get-Set-Go! Best way to do a design review with your team

Get-Set-Go! Best way to do a design review with your team

You've done a great design, but you can't find the perfect way to do a design review with your team. You need to figure out how to present, review and brainstorm with your distributed team. You have an idea of what you want, but it's not quite there. What do you do?

Jeda Ai is here to help! Our online whiteboard collaboration tool connects designers, developers, product managers, and the entire team members worldwide, where they can visually collaborate bi-directionally with teams in real-time.  

No More:

  • Let me share my screen
  • I can't see your screen
  • Can you stay on the same page?

Sharing your screen or asynchronous use of other tools is one-directional, not a natural collaboration process. Dojoit is instantaneous, frictionless, and saves you time and money.

How to do a design review with your team using Jeda Ai

All you need to do is get, set and go!

1. Get your designs, copy n paste them on a Jeda Ai board.

2. Set a meeting, share your board with your team.

3. Go collaborate in real-time, or handoff.

While collaborating in real-time, you can see each other's mouse pointer icon with their initials on it, so you can quickly identify who is drawing or typing. Our User Experience and patent-pending features allow you to type anywhere to write and draw at the same time without switching tools, which is unique and makes it faster than anything else.

If you are using Sketch, Adobe XD or other adobe tools, you can copy and paste the artboard from there to Dojoit. For Apps like Keynote or Powerpoint, select slides and copy and paste on Jeda Ai. You can also copy parts of the artwork and paste them, which Jeda Ai would directly show as an image.

Also, we have almighty screenshots, capture the screenshot and paste it from your clipboard or drag-n-drop.

In conclusion

Jeda Ai's online whiteboard collaboration tool helps you do the design review quickly instead of Zooming around and wasting time, money, and energy.

December 18, 2022

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