How to easily build mind maps on Dojoit, Now Jeda.AI

How to easily build mind maps on Dojoit

December 18, 2022

Mind Maps are a super-effective way to visualize a collection of ideas within unique imagery, color, and spatial arrangement. This blog post will show you how to easily build mind maps on the Jeda Ai online whiteboard collaboration tool.

A Mind Map structures information in a radiant manner, which mirrors how the brain processes information. It helps map out your thoughts, using associations, connections, and triggers. As a result, it is easier to memorize information, learn new associations and solve problems iteratively.

And they are super effective for brainstorming. With remote teams, brainstorming has become less fluid and more static. From opening up video conferencing apps to share your screen, brainstorming has become more and more tedious.

Jeda Ai makes mind mapping absolutely seamless. The "one pen" experience at Jeda Ai allows the user to seamlessly transition from drawing to writing without switching tools. At the same time, you don't need to share your screen as everything is in real-time. Check out our video on how easy it is for teams to start building mind maps instantly on Jeda Ai!

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