Product Release – June 28, 2021

Dojoit (Now Jeda.AI) Product Release – June 28, 2021

Share your ideas with Publish Board

Introducing the easiest way to create and share a webpage for well....anything. Wikis. Events. Designs. Resumes. Sales. Endless opportunities for sharing business or personal ideas and perspectives.

You can now publish a board so that anyone – even without a Jeda Ai account – can access a read-only view through a unique link. Once published, we generate a distinct URL that you can send to anyone.

  • If you make an update to the board you can republish the board
  • You can unpublish the board at any time
  • One-click to share the link to the board on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter

14 new ready-to-use templates

We've added new templates for business and education use, including:

  • KWL Template: A visual organizer to guide students' thinking about a topic before, during, and after learning.
  • Cornell Notes: Cornell method provides a format for students to condense and organize notes.
  • Disney Creative Strategy: Inspired by Walt Disney, this framework helps you brainstorm ideas that balance dreams with their ability to be executed.

All templates are easily accessible from within a board:

How to add templates to a Dojoit board

Faster ways to switch between drawing tools and objects

  • To select an object while drawing, double-click on it
  • Double-click outside (on the empty area) to switch back to the drawing tool
  • While any object is selected, press tab to quickly select other objects
  • While any drawing tool is selected, press tab to change drawing tools

New Help Center

New help section

Access Getting Started tips and shortcuts from within a board.

Additional enhancements

  • Ability to add a board description in settings
  • Duplicate a shared board from the dashboard
  • Rename board from the dashboard
  • Improved performance for Follow Me (Presentation Mode)
  • Increased pinch/scroll zoom speed 10x
  • Time-saving keyboard shortcut: Ctrl/Cmd+Arrow duplicates an object in direction of the arrow
  • 17 bug fixes

Let's Jeda Ai!

December 18, 2022

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