Product Release – May 4, 2021

Dojoit (Now Jeda.AI) Product Release – May 4, 2021

We are pleased to announce our largest set of product updates to date. This update makes it faster to draw and write, manage your boards, as well as collaborate with your team.

Presentation Mode: Follow-me

When selected everyone’s screens will automatically begin following you. All board participants will be taken to your location on the board, and see exactly what you see and do – ex. if you change Zoom level everyone on the board will see your Zoom level. To start presenting, click the play button in the upper right corner. Use the same button to stop presenting.


Select from a wide variety of add-ons that you can select and drag on a board:

  • Icons: Quickly illustrate an idea or a concept
  • Stickers: Express how you feel!
  • Wireframes: Create wireframes at the speed of thought
  • Templates: Use pre-defined templates to accelerate collaboration

Change line and fill color

You can now change the line and fill color after an object has been drawn. Click the gear icon to show the color options.

Duplicate objects with precision control

The new object duplicate feature makes copying objects faster than ever before:

  • Click any arrow and it will create a copy of the object in that direction.
  • Click the drop-down to specify exactly how far you want the copy to be placed. Once you've made a selection, Jeda Ai remembers the setting.

Duplicate board

You can now copy an existing board from the Jeda Ai dashboard.

Additional enhancements

  • Browser tab name now matches the board name that's specified in Board Settings
  • Improved design of PNG download icon in Board Settings
  • Switch between select tool and other tools quickly with new shortcuts: Cmd-E (Mac) and Ctrl-E (PC)
  • Over 20 bug fixes

Let's Jeda Ai!

December 18, 2022

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