The Plus Delta Retrospective Template - Boost Team Happiness

The Plus Delta Retrospective Template - Boost Team Happiness

Finding team happiness doesn't happen by accident – it all depends on how well everyone feels that their point of view is heard and acted upon. Whether you're doing a multi-month project or a single event or activity, collecting constructive criticism from everyone on the team is invaluable.

Plus Delta (or Plus-Delta) is a simple and effective tool that helps you do a meaningful reflection on a journey toward continuous improvement. It's a quick and easy way to gather feedback at the end of a team meeting. It encourages candid feedback by using positive “improvement” language rather than language that might feel negative.

The Plus-Delta format is easy to use: anything that went well and should be repeated in the future goes into the “Plus” category. Anything that could be improved in some way goes into the “Delta” category.

Participants share the Pluses — what went well and should be continued — and then the Deltas, what they would recommend changing in the future.

Jeda Ai enables you to make the Plus-Delta session engaging and interactive – ensuring that everyone feels their voice is heard.

Here's how you can run a Plus-Delta session in just 10 minutes

  1. Create a new Jeda Ai Board: The facilitator sets up the board with two sections. They write a Plus (+) at the top of one, and the Greek letter Delta (Δ) at the top of the other. Name the board “Plus-Delta – [insert Name of activity you're doing a retrospective for] so that you can easily find it later)  
  2. Invite the group to join the board  
  3. Ask for Pluses and summarize them: The facilitator asks the group what specifically they felt worked well. Meeting participants type in their answers in the Plus (+) column.  
  4. Ask for Deltas and summarize them: Then, the facilitator asks the group what they would have changed to improve the session. Meeting participants type in their answers in the Delta (Δ) column.

Bonus best practices:

  • Before you start the next similar exercise or activity, send the last Plus-Delta Jeda Ai Board link to the team so that everyone can re-review what was great and what could have been improved.
  • Re-use the same board every time you capture feedback so that everyone can see where things are improving or where you need to continue improving.

How to use the Plus/Delta Template on Jeda Ai

You have two options:

Option 1: Select from within the board

Instructions to add the Plus Delta template to a Dojoit board

Option 2: Download and upload to your board

1. Download the template to your desktop/downloads folder

2. Unzip the downloaded file

3. Drag the unzipped SVG file from your desktop/downloads folder to the board

December 18, 2022

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