Top 10 Important Tips for Freelancers

Top 10 Important Tips for Freelancers from Jeda.AI

Freelancing is a great way to earn money on the side, but it can be challenging for freelancers to stay motivated and find opportunities. We've identified 10 important tips for freelancers that let you work smarter, not harder.

Top 10 Important Tips for Freelancers

1. Always strive to be unique!

As a freelancer, you should always strive to be unique and find your niche. Freelancing is a competitive market, so it's crucial to differentiate yourself from the pack early on by offering more than just your skills as an individual freelancer. For example, you might provide training sessions or workshops in addition to freelance work - this will allow you to stand out from the crowd and earn more money.

2. Keep your profile up-to-date

Freelancing is all about being proactive, so you need to stay up-to-date with your resume and portfolio to make sure that they maximize potential and get the most out of every opportunity that comes along! Freelancing is a very competitive industry, so you must have all the tools necessary at hand to succeed!

3. Offer free help

It's not free; it is pre-selling yourself. If you're a freelancer offering your services, then before giving an estimate, offer to help their prospective client for free. Freelancing is a business, and to be successful, you need your clientele. Plus, if the work isn't lucrative enough for them at first glance, it's wise to give away some of your time as an investment. Freelancers who are new to the field may have a more challenging time with this, but as you work more in-demand fields and get better at freelancing, your prospective clientele will grow.

4. Don't be greedy

You must avoid being greedy and only work for the highest bidder. Freelancing is a one-shot deal, so it's important to stay loyal to your clients. New freelancers can sometimes be too eager when working with their first client - but that needs to change as you grow in the field. Freelancers looking for clients should always be willing to work with the lower bidder to develop a working relationship. Freelancing is all about relationships, and without them, you won't succeed - so try not to burn any bridges even if it means earning less money!

5. Improve communication skills

As a freelancer, you should also work on improving your communication skills too! Freelancing is all about communicating with clients and being able to provide them the service that they need. You should stay in touch with prospective clients, talk openly and honestly with them, and respond promptly when an opportunity arises - even if it's not exactly what you're looking for. Freelancing is difficult because you have to be your boss, so freelancers must communicate clearly with their clients and employers to get work done on time and effectively.

6. Networking is the key

It would help if you actively networked with others in their industry. Attending conferences, seminars, lectures, and even online social media groups is a great way to build relationships. Freelancers should always be on the lookout for others in their industry and connect with them to ensure a steady flow of work coming into their business. Freelancing can be very lucrative because it's all about connections, so freelancers need to stay connected through networking!

7. Stay organized

One of the most critical ways for freelancers to stay on top of their work is by staying organized. Freelancing can be challenging if you are not on top of your game, so it's crucial that freelance individuals maintain a to-do list with deadlines and milestones, a proper plan in documents, and responding to their emails on time, and use calendars. Freelancers must also be organized and accurate with their work, or their reputation will suffer.

8. Be Professional

Lack of professionalism can place a significant damper on the Freelancer's success. It is important to be timely in responding to queries, completing work by deadlines. It is also essential to comply and maintain proper paperwork like NDAs/work agreements, invoices, copyrights, etc.

9. Ask for feedback

Don't be shy! You need to understand what your client wants and how you can deliver the best. As a freelancer, you should also ask for feedback from your clients to improve. Freelancers are constantly improving themselves and their service, so freelancers need to keep an open dialogue with their clients about how they can be better at what they do - especially if the client is a repeat customer!

10. Use online collaboration tools that make you more productive

Freelancers should explore whiteboarding apps, such as Jeda Ai to improve their productivity with clients. A simple and easy-to-use platform like this makes it more comfortable for your client to work with you - not only will you be able to take notes, sketch out ideas or get feedback, but also be more organized to stay on top of your game!

Bonus tip

In addition to these top 10 important tips for freelancers, also remember The Freelancer's Manifesto: Freelancing is all about relationships, and without them, you won't succeed - so try not to burn any bridges. Freelancers should always be professional, stay organized, and network with others in their industry while maintaining a great attitude!

December 18, 2022

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