Want more Zen in your life? Try Dojoit

Want more Zen in your life? Try Dojoit (Now Jeda.AI)

It's 2021 and work from home doesn’t seem to be going away. While it's great to be able to finish your tasks without changing out of your sweat pants, working from home can be challenging at times.

With distractions everywhere, developing peace of mind whilst remembering that you need to fix your sink can be a challenge. Finding Zen is deliberate practice. Wherever you are, Zen can be cultivated and integrated into our daily lives.  

And Jeda Ai is here to help. Here are 4 ways you can develop Zen into your daily life.

Define your spaces

You need to separate the workspace from home. It can be a dedicated room or even a little divider that separates your current space. As a result, you know consciously that you are “going to work” when you enter your workspace.

Push through the Challenges

Push through the challenges. There will be times when you just don’t feel productive. Train yourself to do some work, as minimal as possible. That way, you don’t lose your state-of-flow.

Keep 3 to-do lists  

Use Jeda Ai to prioritize your daily tasks:

The first list should have three things you need to get done today.  

The second list is three non-essential things you’d like to get done.  

The third list is three things that need to be done at some point.  

This way, you can easily focus on your most important tasks and feel accomplished quickly.  

Reward yourself with regular breaks. For every 1 hour of work, have a 15-to-30-minute break. This will give you time to refresh your mind and come back to work with a clean slate.  

We hope that with these 4 tips, you can start rewarding yourself with some much-needed zen today. To get started, open your own Daily Jeda Ai to-do board here!

December 18, 2022