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Tiny prompts, powerful results. Transform ideas into stunning visuals and your data into strategic insights. Drive your success with Jeda — the multimodal Conversational Visual AI Workspace for ideation and decision-making, and effortlessly outpace your competition.

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Jeda Ai Workspace Canvas - Captain Jeda

Visual AI Workspace - Where Business Intelligence Meets Creativity

Create, Visualize, Analyze Like Never Before with Conversational Generative AI

Step into the Visual AI revolution with Jeda's advanced Conversational Visual Generative AI Workspace. Transform ideas into visual strategic analysis with popular AI foundation models. Unleash success with data-driven conversations. Swift decisions, broader perspective, predictive future—all in one with Jeda

Generate Visual Designs with AI

Unleash unparalleled Conversational Generative AI visual strategies & analysis with's cutting-edge Visual Generative AI Workspace. Our interactive AI Online Whiteboard revolutionizes plain dialogues into dynamic visual communication. Draft strategic analysis, sticky notes, create illustrative diagrams, or fabricate alluring visuals—all unfolding in real-time, fostering a significantly engaging and collaborative ecosystem. Welcome to—where visualization meets imagination.

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Strategic AI Data Analysis's patent-pending AI Data Intelligence is your dedicated Personal Data Scientist, designed to unlock your data's potential. Just upload large CSV (up to 100 MB each), Excel files and other databases. Visual AI Workspace transforms intricate data into striking visuals, enabling impactful decision-making in seconds. With real-time AI online whiteboard, data analysis becomes a pathway to uncover hidden opportunities.

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Visual AI Document Analysis's AI Document Intelligence acts as your personalized document analyst, proficient in delving into various document formats, such as PDF, DOC, etc. and more. It skillfully transforms these files into reader-friendly, visually engaging formats, making document analysis seamless. online whiteboard enables real-time insight extraction and document interpretation. With, you aren't just reading through documents; you're easily uncovering critical insights.

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Transform Everything with AI

Experience a new era of content creation with AI Alchemy on's Visual Generative AI Workspace to swiftly morph ideas into complex visual formats. With the power to interpret sketches, create AI art, and generate code from wireframes, Alchemy makes visual conversation, strategizing, and concept design an effortless task. Step beyond traditional limits and bring your vision to life with Alchemy's visual prompts.

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Cross Industry Brainstorming with's Generative AI Workspace Canvas

Believe in Data, Trust in Success

70,000+ users, 7,000+ companies around the world use


Boost Team Productivity by 95%

Boost team productivity by up to 95% with targeted task allocation, continuous learning, and adaptive AI. Enhance personal efficiency, freeing time for strategic and creative pursuits.


Save Up to 56.7% Time

Our AI models cut data analysis time, streamline research, and enhance visuals, potentially saving thousands per user annually.


Achieve 32% Higher Accuracy

Harness the synergy of the most powerful AI models—GPT-4o, Llama 3, and Claude 3—for up to 32% improved accuracy over single-model platforms.

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Conversational Visual AI Insights and creatives

Ask, Visualize, Discover with Conversational Generative AI Workspace

Chat with Conversational Visual AI

Dive into a vibrant, visual interactive conversation with's advanced Generative AI Workspace.

Visual Chat with online whiteboard allows you to turn routine conversations into editable interactive visual collaborations. Whether it's creating text, drafting sticky notes, illustrating diagrams, or crafting compelling visuals, everything happens in real-time, fostering a truly collaborative environment.

Generative AI Templates for Strategic Analysis

Experience a powerful boost in strategic analysis with's AI Template Analysis. Say goodbye to searching, copying, tweaking outdated templates.

Generative AI SWOT Analysis

With's Visual Generative AI abilities, generate precision-rich visual strategic analysis templates on any business case from SWOT Analysis, Product Market Fit or any analytical framework with multiple foundation AI models like GPT-4o, Llama 3, and Claude 3. Supercharge your strategic online whiteboard sessions and leave the competitors far behind. Revel in the simplicity and brilliance of Gen AI strategic analysis with's AI Template Analysis.

AI Mind Maps, Flowcharts, Diagrams

From generating comprehensive diagrams to architecting well-defined AI flowcharts and AI mind maps, excels in all aspects.'s Generative AI Mind maps, Flowcharts, Diagrams

Tap into strategic potential with's diagram capabilities. Redefine idea visualization with, an innovative AI Workspace Canvas for strategic clarity. Streamline planning with diagrams - the meeting point of complexity and simplicity.

Generative AI Wireframes in seconds

Rapidly generate insightful wireframes for websites on any topic with's groundbreaking Generative AI Workspace.

Instant Generative AI Wireframes with

Create digital layouts like never before with's revolutionary wireframing capabilities. online whiteboard simplifies the often complex and time-consuming task of creating wireframes, catapulting efficient website design and development to new heights.

Unleashing Creative Excellence through Generative AI Artistry

Ignite your creativity, transcend boundaries, and unleash the extraordinary. Embrace the power of imagination with's Visual AI Workspace.

corporate memphis ai art's AI menu unlocks creative possibilities with curated art generation recipes. Input your vision, and our AI transforms it into stunning art in various styles, from classical to contemporary, ideal for web design, digital marketing, social media and more.

AI Arts, Sticky-notes, Texts...

Embrace creativity and simplicity with’s versatile Generative AI capabilities in sticky notes, and text.

Sticky-notes & Text online whiteboard inspires your creative side, allowing you to express your ideas and thoughts visually. Incorporate sticky notes for easy-to-view reminders or summarizing complex information. Unleash your creativity and leave no idea behind with's multimodal AI text generation features.

Visual AI Data Analysis

Empower Your Data Story with AI Data Intelligence

Generate Data Dashboard in Seconds with Gen AI

Elevate the AI Data Visualization with's Generative AI Data Intelligence, expertly crafting charts, widgets, and detailed table representations from large CSV files (up to 100 MB each), Excel, and other databases.

Visual AI

Transform your data in mere seconds into a Visual AI Data Analysis with our dynamic AI Canvas. With, you can readily transition from vast data sets to visually captivating and interactive dashboards, boosting your strategic data analysis and decision-making capabilities. Welcome to the future of data visualization. Welcome to

Don't Just Analyze, Do Strategic Data Analysis with AI

Unleashing data possibilities with Strategic AI Data Analysis. Unlock the hidden patterns of data and drive strategies & decision-making with's AI Data Intelligence.

Strategic Data Analysis with

Our Conversational Visual Generative AI Workspace simplifies data interpretation with accuracy from large CSV files (up to 100 MB each - work with as many data rows as you want), Excel, and other databases. It uncovers hidden patterns and swiftly produces tailored visuals with AI foundation models like GPT-4o, Llama 3, and Claude 3. Utilize our interactive online whiteboard for trend-spotting, data driven strategic analysis, annotation, and collaborative brainstorming. Uncover hidden data insights and enhance strategic decisions with

AI Predictive Data Analysis – Optimize Your Next Move

AI Predictive Data Analysis & Gen AI Data summarization meets intelligent recommendations. Empower your business with data-driven confidence.

Generative AI Data Summarization with

Discover the future of your business with AI Data Prediction and Recommendation. Fusing advanced AI technology with strategic planning, our Generative Visual AI Workspace predicts future data patterns and offers insightful recommendations. Collaborate and strategize on our interactive online whiteboard, putting your data analysis in focus and your business a step ahead with

Interactive AI Charts and Filters

Harness data power with Interactive Charts and Filters. Engage with your data. Understand complex insights with AI Data Visualization Tools.'s Interactive Filters and Charts

Immerse yourself in data with's Interactive AI Charts and Filters. Our Visual Generative AI Workspace provides visually stunning, interactive charts that simplify complex data analysis. Coupled with customizable filters, you can delve into specifics, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of your business data.

Unleash Creativity with AI Data Analytics

Embark on an innovative data journey with Freeform AI Data Analysis. Shatter the conventional barriers of data analytics and embrace the freedom.

Freeform Data Analysis with's DataGPT

Break away from traditional analysis and dive into customizable, freeform insights right from our Generative AI Workspace. enhances your analytic creativity, allowing you to doodle, annotate, and collaborate on your data canvas. With robust online whiteboard feature, collaboration becomes seamless.

Download Filtered Data with Ease

Experience seamless data management with's Generative AI CSV & AI Excel Data Insight capabilities, allowing you to meticulously refine and download your filtered data as dedicated CSV files. This feature stands as a testament to's commitment to flexibility and efficiency in AI Data Analytics.

Generative AI Data Analysis

Unlock the potential of your data analysis by effortlessly exporting the insights you need. With, transitioning from comprehensive, interactive dashboards to streamlined, filtered datasets is a breeze. Whether you're focusing on specific metrics, time frames, or patterns,'s Visual AI Canvas enables you to extract precisely what you need in a format that's ready for any application. Simplify your workflow and enhance your data-driven strategies with the power of

Visual AI Document Analysis

AI Document Intelligence Beyond Text Generation

Transform Documents into Visual Strategic Analysis

Ask questions, get answers in Visual Strategic Analysis. Break boundaries with interactive AI Document Intelligence and revolutionize visual document analysis with AI.'s DocumentGPT

With's Visual AI Document Analytics, your every query is a new visual exploration.'s Generative AI Workspace transforms documents, including PDFs and DOC files, into compelling visual analyses. Utilize our interactive online whiteboard for real-time collaboration and discussion of your newfound insights.

Engage in Insightful Visual Chat with Generative AI

Harness the power of in your conversations with document files. Create meaningful dialogues refined by AI Document Visualization.

Visual AI Workspace extracts and visualizes insights from your documents, incorporating them seamlessly into your chat. Utilize our Visual Generative AI Workspace for this intuitive experience and extend your discussions on our interactive online whiteboard. Foster productive and visually enriched conversations with

Transforming Documents into Visual Suppliments

Reimagine your data with diverse visual representation with our Gen AI Workspace, From documents to diagrams, charts, wireframes, and art.

DocumentGPT - Transform Documents Into Visual Supplements with

Turn your text-based documents into a visual spectacle with Our Visual AI Canvas extracts insights from your documents and creates diverse visual representations like diagrams, charts, and wireframes within our Generative AI Workspace. Through, watch as your documents come to life with vibrant visuals.

Master Multiple AI Commands

Empower your document analysis with the versatility of's AI Document Insight, where multiple commands unlock a world of visual possibilities with popular AI foundation models.

Multicommand DocumentGPT

From intricate analysis templates to dynamic sticky notes, each command transforms your documents—whether they're PDFs or DOC files—into visual masterpieces. Dive deep into your data with mind maps, flowcharts, and wireframes, bringing every detail to life. It's not just about visualization; it's about creating a canvas where your insights can freely interact and evolve.

Visual AI Transformation with AI Alchemy

Transform Like an Alchemist with Generative AI

Doodles to Masterpieces with Visual AI Prompts

Enter the captivating realm of the Gen AI Workspace, where simple sketches are transformed into intricate AI Art.

Visual AI Canvas

As our sophisticated AI interprets and enhances these doodles through Visual AI Prompts, AI Alchemy uncovers stunning artistic masterpieces, marking a new milestone in artistic expression. Not only does this foster individual creativity, but it also opens up a world of collaborative opportunities. From the simplicity of a doodle to the complexity of a masterpiece, realize the true potential of your ideas with's visual prompting.

Turning Scribbles into Insights with AI

Step into an alluring realm of AI enchantment by making use of Generative AI Alchemy.

Hand-drawn note to strategy analysis - Alchemy

Observe the mesmerizing process as Alchemy digitize everything from simple whiteboard photos, napkin notes, and hand-drawn sketches into far more compelling forms. What emerges are captivating pieces of mind maps, insightful AI diagrams, and dynamic strategies. With the power to decipher the most rudimentary hand notes into decisive visual data, a revolution in creative expression and visual interpretation is sparked. This heralds a new era, where every line drawn holds potential for boundless transformation.

Transmuting UX Ideas into Design Concepts

Embark on a journey into the mesmerizing world of UX design within's Generative AI Canvas.

wireframe to mock concept with generative ai -

Marvel as the AI Visual Prompt gives wings to your UX ideas, transforming them into sophisticated AI Mock concepts and detailed AI Wireframes. Witness the seamless blend of creativity and technology right at your fingertips; it's not just design—it's a new age. With this tool, even the most complex concepts are morphed effortlessly into captivating visual design concepts, sparking a revolution in the UX design process and thought.

Transform Good Designs into Great Ones's Visual AI Canvas introduces a groundbreaking capability with its AI Alchemy, revolutionizing how design feedback is given and received using multimodal AI.

icons and stickers to logo concept with

This advanced tool can review any design - from web layouts to graphic illustrations - and provide comprehensive feedback on areas needing improvement. It leverages AI algorithms to analyze design elements such as layout, color usage, typography, and overall aesthetic coherence. The AI Online Whiteboard offers designers and creatives a unique opportunity to refine their work based on intelligent, data-driven insights. This not only streamlines the design revision process but also opens doors to new creative possibilities, ensuring that each design is optimized for its intended purpose and audience.

From Wireframes to Codes: AI-Generated Web Design

Pave your way into the enchanting realm of web development with AI Alchemy in the Generative AI Workspace.

Wireframe to code with

Venture into the enchanting realm of AI Web Design inside's Visual AI Workspace and marvel at how it shapes the future of web making. Deftly translate wireframes into functional codes, such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, effectively turning abstract ideas into tangible, usable reality with Anthropic Calude 3 models. It's a new dawn in the world of web development, where even complex structures are decoded with seamless precision. Experience an effortless coding journey that only accentuates your creative and technical prowess with Alchemy.

We Take Your AI Safety & Security Seriously

Rest easy knowing privacy and security are built into the core of's Generative AI Workspace. Check out our Security Practices.

security concerns

50x More Productivity with's Visual Conversational Ai Workspace

Accomplish 50X Faster with's Generative AI

Reimagine productivity with's Conversational Gen AI Canvas. Our cutting-edge Visual AI Workspace sparks innovation, supercharging your brainstorming sessions, and streamlining AI strategic analysis and workflows. Step into a world of effortless collaboration with our transformative AI Online Whiteboard. From carving out insightful content and elegant templates to picturing processes with detailed flowcharts, all your needs converge here in's Generative AI Workspace. Let redefine your productivity journey and inspire you to achieve more, faster.

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Other Online Whiteboards vs Jeda Ai Online Whiteboard

Interactive Visual AI Online Whiteboard

Visual Generative AI Workspace Like No Other

Create, generate, and share all the visualizations like AI Strategic Analysis & Templates, AI Diagrams, AI Wireframes, AI Data Visualization, AI Document Analysis, AI Art, and more.

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Azar Shaik
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"Instant productivity."
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"Wow !! I am amazed by the results. Thanks for sharing this 🙏"
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"WOW ! Truly impressive. I only tried a fraction of everything that is proposed and I found it simple, useful and powerful. I will continue my experiments to discover more features. What fun !"
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"This will increase the productivity of our work at least by 30%. How amazing is that?"
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"Totally amazed by 's new Generative AI features! Effortlessly generates fully editable Flowcharts, Wireframes, Visual Templates & Data Analysis - taking Gen. AI to new heights! 🔥"
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"Found a New AI - Effortlessly generates fully editable Flowcharts, Wireframes, Visual Templates & Data Analysis - taking Gen. Al to new heights #ai #dataanalysis #wireframe"
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Systems Analyst
"Today I used Generative AI Workspace — to create a Product Roadmap/Feature Update graphic for our Board in a matter of minutes versus spending hours trying to create one with my caveperson-esque design skills. 😎!
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Mike d.
CTO PrimaryIO
"I personally use this tool and I am in awe of the AI auto generative design! It effortlessly creates stunning designs with precision and creativity. It's a game changer, saving time while consistently delivering amazing results. Kudos to the developers for this remarkable tool! Keep up the fantastic work!
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Krunal A.
Service Manager -Senior Consultant (Data Services), Capgemini
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Design systems faster with Stickers, Icons, Shapes and more...

Sticker Addons on Online Whiteboard

Add Stickers to Express Your Feelings

Icon Addons on Online Whiteboard

Add Icons to Quickly Express Ideas's Generative AI Wireframe

Create Wireframes In A Snap's Gallery Templates

Select Gallery Templates To Inspire your Thinking

Visual generative ai as a service

Infinite Use Cases, Infinite AI Strategic Analysis, Infinite Possibilities

Harness the full spectrum of strategic excellence with's state-of-the-art multimodal Conversational Generative Visual AI technology. Instantly generate visuals and templates for an infinite array of strategic tools and frameworks, including SWOT Analysis, Ansoff Matrix, PESTEL Analysis, and Porter's Five Forces on an intuitive digital canvas.'s Conversational Visual AI Tools enable you to effortlessly create detailed analytical frameworks with a few clicks, offering a strategic advantage in a competitive marketplace. Perfect for refining tasks in marketing, sales, and strategic development, the platform’s Interactive Visual AI Online Whiteboard simplifies intricate planning into an accessible and stimulating experience. - Elevate Low-Fidelity Wireframes with Ai-Powered Customization

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