Security Practices

The security and privacy of your data are of utmost importance to us. We are continuously identifying and implementing state-of-the-art security practices for our online whiteboard platform.

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AI Safety & Security Practice

AI Safety Commitment at

At, we prioritize AI safety above all. Our unwavering commitment: we never use user data to train AI models. Additionally, we've implemented a robust, hierarchical AI Content Safety framework to ensure our technology is used responsibly and safely.

How Data Analysis Works transforms user intent using NLP and leverages RAG by synthesizing learned data instead of training on user data. This approach ensures privacy and upholds ethical AI standards, while providing access to extensive anonymized information.

Data Encryption for Optimal Security:

Security is at the core of all our operations. To offer you optimal peace of mind, we employ state-of-the-art encryption practices. So, you can rest assured that your precious data is encrypted both while it's stored with us and during network communications. In fact, our systems have earned an "A+" rating in the SSL Server test conducted by Qualys' SSL Labs, a testament to the robustness of our encryption practices.

Safeguarding Passwords and Data:

We make use of advanced methods to scramble your passwords into a unique hash. This ensures your account's security and prevents any unauthorized access. Furthermore, we have stringent backup protocols in place to ensure prompt and efficient data recovery when required.

Our Secure Cloud Infrastructure:

Operating on top-tier cloud technology, we've managed to build an infrastructure that not only runs effectively but also maintains the highest security standards. This approach also allows us to closely monitor system operations and potential risks in real-time.

Our Trusted Sub-processors:

In addition to our efforts, we collaborate with several leading companies and technological solutions. We ascertain that they adhere to best-in-class privacy, security, and compliance practices to ensure your data's safety.

Dive deeper into our stringent security practices by visiting our Privacy Policy page. If you have any queries, feel free to contact us directly - we are committed to maintaining your trust and confidence in our systems.