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Ai Workspace for Mind Mapping

Jeda AI's online mind mapping tool stimulates lateral thinking and creative solutions.

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Stimulate ideation

Jeda AI's online mind mapping whiteboard collaboration tool stimulates lateral thinking and leftfield solutions to a problem.​
Easily brainstorm thoughts organically without worrying about order and structure. It allows you to visually organize your ideas so that analysis and recall are easier, too.
Use lines, symbols, and words to create a colorful and memorable diagram that works with your brain's natural way of doing things.

Create an online mind map with Jeda AI in 4 easy steps

Step 1: Start by entering the main subject in the center of your mind map, for instance, "Fruit."

Step 2: Create main branches to enter your topics such as "Apple," "Orange," and "Banana." Don't worry about the order of them!

Step 3: Elaborate on your topics by creating sub-topics. Use very short phrases or even single words.

Step 4: Add Images and formatting to improve memory retention. Use different colors and fonts and place images on branches. Jeda AI lets you easily change colors and add pictures! The more visual you make it, the better!

How Jeda AI online whiteboard collaboration tool facilitates mind mapping

Jeda Ai provide for real-time mind mapping in distributed teams. Jeda Ai's free form and flexible nature make mind mapping feel as natural and fast as a physical whiteboard.
Our infinite canvas lets you create larger mind maps than on paper. Add unlimited topics and subtopics using text and images.
Jeda Ai's one pen experience lets you move from typing to drawing without switching tools, ensuring that you don't have worry about tool changes. Jeda Ai enables you to stay in the flow.​
Reuse the same board to gain a history of what has been achieved so far – and add ideas as they hit you.

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