A Colorful Enhancement to Jeda.ai 's Generative AI Sticky Notes

Introducing Colorful Generative AI Sticky Notes on Jeda.ai

Revamp your brainstorming process with Jeda.ai's vibrant, multi-colored AI Sticky Notes. Generate and collaborate on ideas like never before.

November 27, 2023

A Colorful Enhancement to Jeda.ai 's Generative AI Sticky Notes

We are excited to announce the latest improvement to Jeda.ai - the Generative AI Online Whiteboard unlike any other.

Our latest update reinforces our commitment to transforming your brainstorming sessions and idea curation into a lively and interactive process. As you know, our AI Sticky Notes have been an innovative tool for generating, customizing, and collaborating on ideas in real-time. Now, we have taken a step further and breathed life into them with multiple vibrant colors.

Yes, the Sticky Notes feature now doesn't restrict you to one color only, but instead provides a palette of colors. The stickies are now generated in interesting arrangement-patterns making your generated notes visually appealing and easy to distinguish. Utilize these multi-colored sticky notes to categorize different ideas or themes, create engaging presentations, or boost your collaborative whiteboarding sessions.

Let’s see how you can use Jeda.ai’s Generative AI Sticky Notes.

Method #1:

1. Anywhere on the workspace, write the topic.

2. Use the "Stickynote" “/” command.

3. Wait as Jeda.ai generates the colorful notes for you.

4. The sticky notes are generated in an interesting pattern.

Method #2:

1. From the AI Command Bar, select "Stickynote" option.

2. Write your prompt or select from the auto populated suggestions.

3. Click generate and watch as your Sticky notes are generated in a visually appealing pattern.

Elevate your ideation and brainstorming experiences with Generative AI Workspace for Visual Productivity — Jeda.ai . Stay tuned for more improvements, and keep generating brilliant ideas!

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