🎉 Jeda.ai's "Follow Me" Feature: Revolutionizing Online Presentations Instantly!

Experience Jeda.ai's "Follow Me - The Future of Online Collaboration

Maximize productivity with Jeda.ai’s cutting-edge "Follow Me" feature. Ideal for training sessions, brainstorming, or client presentations!

December 17, 2023

🎉 Jeda.ai's "Follow Me" Feature: Revolutionizing Online Presentations Instantly!

We can't wait to share our newest breakthrough with you – the "Follow Me" feature in our latest Jeda.ai framework! Your input has been instrumental in the development of our virtual collaboration features.


Imagine the impact of an online presentation where you've got the undivided attention of your team, guiding them virtually through every step of your narrative. This feature enables you to:

1. Conduct team training sessions where you need to guide your teammates step-by-step.

2. Keep everyone in sync during brainstorming or strategic planning sessions.

3. Create client presentations where you want to guide their focus for a more immersive experience.


Here's how simple it is to utilize the "Follow Me" feature on Jeda.ai:

1. Log in to Jeda.ai.
2. Use a new or already created workspace.
3. Conduct brainstorming sessions or start strategizing for your next big move.
4. Invite viewers or collaborators to your workspace.
5. Engage the "Follow Me" button located towards the top right.
6. From then on, your collaborators will see your mouse actions, tracked by the movements of your mouse across the workspace.

Use Cases

Some potentials examples can be:

1. An advertising team guiding their clients through a newly proposed marketing strategy.

2. A team leader managing a virtual brainstorming session and directing the team's attention to specific details.

3. A product manager demonstrating new product features or updates to the development team.


Our aim at Jeda.ai is to become more than just a tool – we are a partner in ensuring your online working experience is seamless and enjoyable. We're excited to hear how the "Follow Me" feature revolutionizes your presentations and collaborations! Start presenting online like never before with Jeda.ai!

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