🎉 Elevate Your AI Influence: Share Your Workspace Publicly with Jeda.ai!

Publish Your AI Workspace to the World with Jeda.ai

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January 11, 2024

🎉 Elevate Your AI Influence: Share Your Workspace Publicly with Jeda.ai!

We have an exciting update that takes your AI workspace to another level! Now, you can publish your Generative AI workspace for the world to see. With one click, you can showcase your insights, and maximise your reach. Also, an added social sharing feature enables better visibility.


Here's how easy it is to go public with your AI workspace:

1. Log in to Jeda.ai.

2. Navigate to the workspace you want to make public.

3. Look for the 'Publish Workspace' section in the settings.

4. Choose whether to display the contributor's name and decide if you want to publish it in the public gallery.

5. Hit the 'Publish' button.

6. Just like that you'll receive a public link to your AI workspace.

7. Direct social sharing buttons are available as well.

8. Should you wish to undo the public access, you have the option to unpublish anytime.

As your partner in making the most of AI workspaces, Jeda.ai continuously strives to empower you. Our new feature gives you a wider platform, amplifying your presence in the data space. We're excited to see how far your work travels and the impact it creates. Let the world explore your creative prowess!

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