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Ai Tool for Strategy Planning

Jeda AI's Online Whiteboard Strategy Planning Tool makes strategy planning efficient and engaging

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Accomplish 50X More, 50X Faster with Jeda Ai Workspace Canvas

Strategy drives alignment

Define your strategy and manage through execution on our easy-to-use online whiteboard. Track and manage progress against goals.

Run engaging strategic sessions

Conduct remote planning sessions from anywhere in the world. Use our built-in templates or collaborate in free-form using text, images and sticky notes.

How online whiteboard collaboration tool helps you create and execute strategies

Our low learning curve makes it easy to join and collaborate. Jeda Ai lets you engage everyone on your team, regardless of location. By giving every participant a chance to add their ideas in real-time, you keep them excited and engaged. Revisit the same board to evaluate progress, keeping the momentum going and tracking progress against goals.

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